Craig Ingham 10665705_10153192294594885_7523119468787751176_n[1]Craig Ingham is the vocalist, guitarist, bass guitarist, and songwriter in The Statue Thieves. A multi-instrumentalist, Ingham also contributes harmonica, percussion, and lead guitar to the band’s repertoire. Prior to The Statue Thieves, Craig was a solo musician who’d covered countless venues across London and in Cardiff previously. It was as a solo artist that Ingham penned three out of the five songs that make up the band’s debut E.P. Statues of Realisation; Pocket Money, Movie Queen, and Turn Around Craig Ingham has a very musical background, singing from a young age, previously being a drummer and a bassist, and possesses an impressive encyclopedic knowledge of rock and roll history.

Iván Muela IvanA pianist from the age of six and guitarist at twelve, Iván Muela brings both acoustic and electric guitar to The Statue Thieves sound, as well as an assortment of effects. Born in Spain, where, from the age of fifteen, he spent a three year journey touring in the north, Muela adds a continental touch to the band, acquired from playing guitar and drums in Spanish groups with large reputations, having performed in front of several thousand people. Although the youngest member of the band, Iván possesses a technical ability at professional level, extensively influencing the composing process.


11018887_836603096412191_4208135567849836135_n Gennaro Oliviero

Gennaro joined The Statue Thieves in late 2014 as a drummer, adding a hard-hitting and more dynamic style to the band.

Born in Naples, Italy . He has played in various bands across London and Italy . Oliviero is inspired by a variety of music genres, including rock, jazz, soul and music from across the globe.


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