Formed in 2012, London-based The Statue Thieves play riffs and bring in tones influenced by classic rock to create unique psychedelic textures of blues, noise and soul. As the name of the band suggests, The Statue Thieves stand on the line that separates cultural canons from vandalism, classical beauty from dissonance, technique from spontaneity. Whilst being influenced by the current underground scene, their music never seems to identify with a defined genre: it is rather the result of the constant dialogue between the essence of 60s garage rock and sonically exciting nuances and textures that derive from reggae, shoegaze and funk.

As the sound of the band evolves, Craig (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Iván (guitar), Gennaro (drums) and Michal (bass guitar) constantly experiment with alternative ways of producing complex, rich and intimate atmospheres. These are then transmitted to their fans during the irresistible soul-stirring, sweat-inducing live performances, which take place both in the UK and across Europe.

The band have three EP’s available: Statues of Realisation (2012), Formation (2014) and Revolutions in Your Mind (2015), and in June 2015 their single Meditation was featured in a Pink Floyd tribute CD compilation by Classic Rock Magazine. Described by Gigslutz as «an angelic fuse of classic rock riffs and soft tones of psychedelia and soul», it saw the band performing their first European shows, gaining international radio plays and openings for the likes of Wolf People and Magic Castles.

– “If Pink Floyd had cooler shoes they would probably sound like this” Classic Rock Magazine
– “With the music industry becoming more and more homogeneous, it is exciting to hear a band as diverse and as fresh as this” Live4ever
– “An angelic fuse of classic rock riffs and soft tones of psychedelia and soul” Gigslutz
– “The perfect soundtrack for this summer” Made in Shoreditch
– “Album of the Month” La Gramola de Keith