Trigger To Be Released on March 11th, The Statue Thieves First Single From Formation E.P.

March 11th will see The Statue Thieves release their first single, Trigger.

Trigger Ivan

The Statue Thieves can now announce that the first single from the forthcoming Formation E.P. will be the opener Trigger.

Recorded at Shock and Awe Studio in High Barnet, North London, and produced by James Johnston, Trigger is a commentary on the mixed violence ordered from the populus by Britain’s political elite.

Describing the single to be released this month, The Statue Thieves explained:

Juxtaposition occurs a lot in The Statue Thieves and our music. Our name itself follows this:

Statues are used to represent the status que, the Establishment, the victors and matyrs of the prevailing socio-economic system.

Thieves are the disorder, the criminals, those whose defining actions are prohibitted, and who are not celebrated.

Trigger is also inclusive of this, most notably in the line “Hold your fire and pull the trigger”:

‘Hold your fire’ symbolises the demand to not riot, to remain calm, to not kill your fellow man, and to follow the broad guidelines of civilisation.

‘Pull the trigger’ throws you into Iraq, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland, the former British Empire (to which so many statues are dedicated). It is the demand on the British troops to abandon their hitherto orders to remain calm, and to now kill, maime, pillage, to cease to act as man, but, instead, as killers, running insane amongst burning civilsations.

Whilst our music is more socially and historically reflective, and not preachy nor claiming to know all, this is a heart felt song about an overlooked insanity.

On a lighter note, the band describe what the listener has awaiting them:

Ivan Muela throwing your brain around the room with his effects, a tribal afrobeat rhythm section in the verse, a Fugazi/Joy Division chorus where the vocals sound as though played throw a washing machine. A great song actually.


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