Final Day: Studio Diary


Day 5 20/11/2013

Well that is it! The Statue Thieves have completed the recording for what will be their second release, and will be titled Formation E.P.

Today was our last day at High Barnet’s Shock and Awe Studio, and we iced the cake by recording additional percussion, guitar lines and vocal material. Four man shouting and thunder tubes, chime trees, bells, triangles(!), and wooden implements were also provided for James Johnston, of Metric Acorn and bands Uberkaboom and Tom Mansi & The Icebreakers- whom singer Craig Ingham and bassist Alex Montague saw perform outstandingly at The Blues Kitchen, Camden, last night- to endure.

Please stay tuned for any additional E.P. related info at

As a band we can say that we have been truly inspired by Shock and Awe Studios and Johnston’s input, as well as the natural creative progression that we are undergoing as a group. The band have only just begun and we can only promise now that fascinating and exciting things are facing us and the realms of our potential.

We thank supporters, clients and friends of the group for all the help over the last two years.

Right, let’s party.

20131120-224821.jpg 20131120-225053.jpg




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