Day Four: Studio Diary


From the final fullday working on their second E.P. at Shock and Awe Studios, High Barnet, here is the latest Studio Diary entry from the band:

DAY FOUR              10/11/2013

Today saw us ice the cake. Pieces of additional percussion, violins on Cheque from God and Leavin’ Today, and vocals and their treatment and recording, were all thrown onto the bare rhythm tracks created over the 2nd and 3rd of November (Weekend One).

The violins were played by Roderigo Ezquerro, a long time friend of the band and former bandmate of bassist Alex Montague when both were in Ventilator Blues with poet Jack Kelly. Ezquerro has also previously been recorded at Abbey Road Studios when providing violins for The Cribs’ four part song Stalagmites, Like a Gift Giver, Butterflies, and Arena Rock Encore With Full Cast. The texture he created for the two above numbers could not be more exciting for the band, and we are eternally grateful to collaborate with his out-of-this-worldly playing style.

Rodrigo Ezquerro recording violin
Rodrigo Ezquerro recording violin

With singer Craig Ingham laying down such a variety of exciting vocal ideas, the songs are realising, forming, and entering this world. Production will done by Uberkaboom and Tom Mansi & The Icebreakers drummer James Johnston over the following weeks. All recording is planned to be completed on November 20th, which will simply be the decoration of the cake; further percussion and other short bits, as well as completion of the vocals for Trigger.

Craig Ingham on the mic for his trademark vocals
Craig Ingham on the mic for his trademark vocals

The band are close to a name for the group’s second release, which will follow Statues of Realisation E.P., and will announce in due course.

Finally, The Statue Thieves will like to thank Shock and Awe Studio and James Johnston for the amazing resources, atmosphere, space, time and creative unity that they have priovided to us over the last two weekends. James Johnston immediately envisioned the style of record that we had in mind and in heart.


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