Day Three: Studio Diary


The Statue Thieves began the second leg of recording what will be their second E.P. today (9th November 2013), returning to High Barnet’s Shock and Awe Studios. The E.P., which is being recorded, engineered and produced by James Johnston of Metric Acorn and Uberkaboom,, will consist of five tracks. These, in alphabetical order, will be:

Believe It

Cheque from God


Leavin’ Today


From the studio, the band report the following;

DAY THREE:            9/11/2013

Having undergone a five day break between studio sessions, it has been amazing today to see the elaboration on the tracks as rising layers are constructed. For all five songs that will make up the E.P., today the band recorded Iván Muela’s lead guitar parts, plus additional layers and sections. The bass, rhythm and lead guitar parts of Cheque from God were recorded as Alex Montague (acoustic bass), Craig Ingham (acoustic guitar) and Ivan (acoustic guitar) played simultaneously within the main chamber of Shock and Awe Studios. Work also began on the song’s harmonica part, played by Craig.


Additionally, the band planned the final day of recording (tomorrow) and made decisions on vocal recording/production/treatment.




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