Studio Diary: Day Two

Day two has now been completed in The Statue Thieves’ four day recording stint at Shock and Awe Studios, High Barnet, North London. The psyche-soul rock fourpiece are vibrating from seeing their ideas efficiently coming into formation. In keeping diary of each day’s progress, the band inform the following:

DAY TWO:            3/10/2013

Well, what a day.

During the recording our 2012 debut, Statues of Realisation E.P., sessions were interupted by an onsite fire alarm and building evacuation. So today, the second day of recording our yet-to-titled second E.P., recording was delayed by the area power cut. Nonetheless, we jammed/busked outside the local church and then returned to commence with creating the very exciting record that this E.P will be.

Image  Image

All in all the band managed to capture guitars and bass parts. The Rickenbacker run guitar parts of Alex and Craig have profoundly amended the style honed in Statues of Realisation E.P. Ivan’s first multiple recording with group has been overdue. It has gone dreamily.

Shock and Awe Studios, it cannot be said enough, has amazing gems of equipment up to the rafters, but at the sound desk, prior to an in studio interview, The Statue Thieves were reminded of home by a piece of equipment originating from what was once Decca Studios, West Hampstead, daubed with ‘Broadhurst Gardens’, a street in the middle of where we all live. Decca Studios has a rich role in London music history, as does West Hampstead generally.

The remaining two recording sessions will be next weekend, so please check our Studio Diary on Saturday.

The Statues Thieves

Image  photo 2 (2) photo 1 (2)


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