Studio Diary: Day One

With The Statue Thieves having now entered Shock and Awe Studios in High Barnet, North London, the band have reported back on the first day of recording for their second EP.


With a euphoric excitement amongst The Statue Thieves camp, the quartet today sealed the drums for all the songs that’ll make up the EP. It was essentially drummer Ryhan Lovell’s day and he shone.

The EP is going to be recorded over four days in all (so stay tuned for the remaining diary entries). Almost immediately, and following the preceeding negotiations with the Metric Acorn associated Shock and Awe Studios, the band members have settled into the High Barnet area, enjoying it’s fine array of attractions and coffee shops.

The man-on-the-desk is James Johnson, drummer in Uberkaboom and Tom Mansi & The Icebreakers. It was exciting seeing the two drummers, Johnson and Lovell, working with so much vision and know-how in getting the drum sound. The drum recording equipment used is was fascinating. Here are some examples:



The band are eager for tomorrow’s progress and look forward to providing with the second diary update. Please see below for pictures of Ryhan Lovell working his magic:

DSC_0094 (2)DSC_0111 (2)

Ryhan Lovell's pre-drumming contemplations


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