Studio and Dates Confirmed for Recording of Second E.P.

The Statue Thieves have confirmed that they will be recording the new E.P. at Shock and Awe Studios in High Barnet, North London. The recording will take place during the first half of November. caught up with front man Craig Ingham, who answered some questions regarding the yet-to-be-titled follow up to 2012’s Statues of Realisation E.P:

With recording dates confirmed for the next EP, can you share the details?

“We will be recording north, in High Barnet. A favourite area of mine, having been born in St. Albans”

What’s the feeling amongst the band as a whole?

“Everyone is looking forward to getting the newer tunes down and experimenting with sound to create a great release”

Statues of Realisation E.P. is largely a reflection of living in 2010s Britain and its politics. Will the forthcoming record follow in this manner?

“There will certainly be a few political moments on there, but there are also songs of different emotions which we all feel from time to time”.

Will this E.P. be toured too?

“Yes, me and the guys are planning to tour the new E.P. in promotion. We’ll also boast a newer electric sound”.

Will the style of the E.P. be similar to the debut?

“There are moments [of similarity] again, so not a complete departure but this EP will definitely have its own feel and be…” Craig pauses “louder [laughs]”

Will the trade mark soul vocals be prominent still?

“Yep, all the influences are there, and soul is still a big influence on the writing of the group”.

When is it likely to be released?

“Not confirmed at the moment but we’re looking possibly early in the new year”

Why would you say anyone should own it once released?

“We mean what we say. For myself music has always been about expression of thoughts and feelings. You hear them in the greatest songs of our time”

For the whole band, are there any artists currently occupying their minds and have influenced their parts in the new songs?

“The Doors, The Beatles, as well as newer artists: Arctic Monkeys, Jack Bugg. Also the new Beady Eye and Queens of the Stone Age LPs”

Are there any dramatic changes in yours or the others’ playing since the last release?

“Yes, I feel we have all really evolved, and continue to do, since the first release. As a musician you are always evolving, that’s what makes it such fun [laughs]”


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