Work Begins on Next E.P.

The Statue Thieves have began working on their next E.P., the follow up to 2012′s Statues of Realisation E.P.
In addition to the line up of the band’s debut, the yet-to-be titled release will also officially feature Ivan Muela on lead guitar, who joined the band in July 2012, in the immediate aftermath of the Statues of Realisation E.P. sessions at Britannia Row Studios.

Comenting on the next E.P., bassist Alex Montague informs:

“The band can confirm that our next release will follow a faster paced and more varied style than Statues of Realisation E.P. To me personally the debut felt more like the baby being born. Its style is gentle, the lights are slowly being turned on, although lyrically some very bold and important things are being said by Craig [Ingham]. The next E.P. will be much more like the baby reaching childhood: more hardened, mature, curious, hyperactive and alert.

“This is being enhanced by the incorporation of electric guitar by Craig Ingham and drums by Ryhan Lovell, who had played a cajon and percussion on Statues of Realisation. Without fully confirming, the E.P. is looking extremely likely to feature violin on Turn the Pages Loose, played by Rodrigo Ezquerro, who has previously recorded with The Cribs at Abbey Road Studios. We are in discussions with a studio and producer, but this will be confirmed within the next month or so.”

Pre-studio sessions for the E.P have been taking part at The Institute of Contemporary Music in Kilburn, North West London. Montague comments:

“We all live in North West London, and it feels right that we prepare for the next recording in the area as much as possible. There’s a strong chance that the record will be recorded in North West London too. It’s an area we currently hold close to our hearts and band identity, for now anyway. With regards to practicing in Kilburn, I feel emotional in that we’ll opposite the recently closed Power’s Bar. The venue had been really supportive of The Statue Thieves since Day One, and has provided us with some great contacts and friends”

All further information on the E.P. will be announced over the following months. To hear the release please click here.

The Statue Thieves performing at Cross Fest on August 9th 2013, the last performance of the Statues of Realisation E.P. tour
The Statue Thieves performing at Cross Fest on August 9th 2013, the last performance of the Statues of Realisation E.P. tour

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